No one looks forward to tax season. Navigating tax exemptions and deductions can be exhausting and time-consuming but necessary to make a living. However, depending on your work, taxes can be incredibly complex. Whether your taxes are complicated or you’re simply looking to save time, a professional tax service can make all the difference.

Asha Tax & Accounting Services provides tax services throughout the Sunnyvale area and can make your life significantly easier. We’re well-versed in all the details and specifics when filing taxes, and our services are invaluable for those who own their businesses. For affordable tax preparation services, call (408) 306-7450 today.

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Tax Services for Easier Tax Season

Some taxes are more complicated than others. If you’re a freelance worker or a small business owner, you may have to fill out multiple forms when tax time rolls around. Navigating your way through a complicated tax return takes time, and the risk of error only increases with every form that you file. A professional tax service can reduce this strain and allow you to save time and energy. Call Asha Tax & Accounting Services and let us streamline tax season for you.

Reduce Errors with Tax Services

It’s extremely common to make errors when filing your taxes, such as:

  • Math errors
  • Computation errors
  • Entering payments on the wrong line

An error on your return can delay any refund due to you and lead to more work. In a worst-case scenario, if your mistake results in tax liability, interest and fines can accrue from the date you filed your taxes. The chances of your tax return being subject to error are next to zero when you opt-in for a professional tax service.

Avoid Tax Preparation Pitfalls

When you sign the end of your tax return, you formally declare that the information you provided is true and accurate. If you’re audited, and errors are found in your return, you could potentially face legal consequences. A tax professional safeguards you from any potential legal liabilities. Not only does a tax professional save you time and energy in the short term, but they can save you in the long term, as well.

Professional Tax Advice

It’s no secret that tax rules are complicated. Before you can use a deduction, you must qualify for it, of course. A tax professional can help you find deductions and credits you might qualify for and even provide essential advice on specific tax issues. For example, you may be eligible for both a deduction and a credit but only use one. A professional can offer sound guidance on which option to choose.

Affordable, Reliable Tax Services

There’s no need to stress when tax season rolls around. As long as you have your income information, Asha Tax & Accounting Services can simplify your taxes. Call us today and speak with our friendly customer service staff. After a few short questions, we’ll have everything we need to get your taxes sorted. Just send us the necessary files, and we’ll handle the rest. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing that your tax return is in good hands.

For more information, call (408) 306-7450.

Tax Services in Sunnyvale

Asha Tax & Accounting Services is your source for comprehensive tax services. For entrepreneurs, stock traders, non-residents, retirees, non-profits—we’re the go-to tax team for everyone in the Sunnyvale area. With our prompt service, in-depth knowledge of tax code, and affordable pricing, it’s not hard to see why.

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Complete Tax and Accounting Services

Finally, all the tax help you need under one roof. We’re proud to say that most of our business comes from loyal, repeat customers who trust us year after year to find the best refund in the shortest delay. We are an authorized E-file provider. Tax filing is one of our core services, but it’s not the only thing we do. Allow us to help you with:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services
  • IRS audit representation
  • International taxation
  • Unfiled tax returns and back taxes

Your taxes are in good hands with us.

Customized Tax Planning Assistance

We’re known in the region for our customized approach to client care. We recognize that every customer has unique needs, stresses, and time constraints. Our job is to provide you with the individualized support you need to achieve your financial goals. Our office works tirelessly to ensure that every client’s experience is easy and organized and that every document that passes through our doors is handled promptly and securely.

We take the time to delve into the complexities of every case to ensure you’re not paying a dollar more than absolutely necessary. You can rely on us to do our due diligence and offer you suggestions and recommendations in your best interest both now and in the future.

Certified CPA

As a certified public accountant with years of experience, Asha Tax & Accounting Services is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of every tax credit available to you. We know tax code like the back of our hand, and year after year, we’re the first to know about new changes and developments.

Choose the CPA whose tax knowledge is surpassed only by their level of customer service.

Consult with a Tax Expert

Need specialized assistance for a complicated tax problem? Book a consultation with us, and we’ll walk through your tax history with you step by step to find a solution.

When you consult with us, you can expect to chat with a certified professional in a confidential, judgment-free environment. We recognize that dealing with taxes can be stressful. We’re here to offer the in-depth, ongoing support you need.

Together, we’ll develop an individualized plan of action to help you take back your financial freedom.

Secure Tax Preparation Services

Confidentiality and security are the two major backbones of our office operations. We are a registered, insured, and authorized establishment. To guarantee that your personal information is protected through and through, we only utilized approved, secure document transfer platforms and maintain strict in-house protocols for client confidentiality.

Actionable Tax Advice

We understand that navigating tax time on your own can be a complex process, especially if you've changed jobs or have new life circumstances that alter the credits you are now eligible for. We'll pour through your tax documentation in no time, making sure you get back every single dollar you deserve.

In addition to sorting through your tax history to ensure it is up to date, we also provide actionable tax advice to help you make the most out of your return. We can even make suggestions that will help you align with your goals for next year.

Find out more about how our tax advice and planning can help you succeed. Consider phoning our office to consult with us—at no obligation on your behalf.

What Makes Us Among the Best Tax Services in the Community?

As long-standing members of our local community, we've helped individuals from all backgrounds tackle their taxes and get the returns they deserve. We'd like the opportunity to put our highly skilled accountants to work on your behalf.

If filing has generally caused you a lot of stress and anxiety in the past, let us take the reins. Our licensed experts will make sure each piece of documentation you entrust us with is accounted for and filed correctly.

Should you face an audit, we're the city's premier choice for responsive accounting services that are tailored to your needs. Don't go through it alone. Call us for the support and information you need to get through this trying time.

Income Taxes Made Easy

We don't mind what condition your paperwork is in when you drop it off to us. We've seen it all, and we're not judging. Receipts and invoices come in all different shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to collect them all together in a sensible fashion because there isn't a one size fits all folder for taxes in existence. We get it.

We'll make income taxes as easy as dropping off your documents and answering a few questions. The rest we'll leave in the adept hands of our certified accounting crew, who is rooting for you.

Once we've entered all your information into our system, we'll return your paperwork to you. We recommend saving these items for at least 7 years. Should you face an audit in the future, these will come in handy and make the experience less painstaking for you.

International Tax Accountant

Running a business is complex since it requires much more than simply attracting customers by providing them with a product or service. Suppose you sell products or provide a service to a customer outside your national border, you will need to file an international tax report-maybe something you didn't consider when planning your business.

As you can see, expanding your company globally can make your taxes a lot more intricate. To help you with that, Asha Tax & Accounting Services offers international tax services for business owners and contractors who have clients outside America.

We're a fully licensed accountant with expertise in the following international tax service areas:

  • FBAR Form
  • Declaration of Foreign Income
  • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Determination of tax resident status
  • Tax filing for resident and non-resident aliens
  • Tax advice for a US person with foreign income
  • Tax advice for a foreign person with US income
  • Application for ITIN Number
  • Unpaid back taxes
  • Filing of tax returns for previous years

The international tax system is complex, but don't let it deter you from expanding your business. Leave your taxes to the experts so you can take advantage of lucrative foreign markets.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Tax Accountant

People hire accountants for various reasons, primarily because they prefer an expert who can navigate the complex tax system. When you run a business, be it a large corporation or a freelance contracting service, submitting taxes can become increasingly complicated with every added receipt or document. In this case, hiring a professional business tax account will reduce unnecessary stress.

Aside from the benefit of documenting and submitting your annual tax information, there are many more that come with hiring an accountant for your business, and here are a few:

Business Plan

If you're in the early stages of your business, hiring a business accountant can be beneficial as they can assist you in getting your financial documents in place. They will ensure that all the pertinent documentation is included in your business plan.

Calculate and Record Your Revenue

Running a business doesn't only involve getting paid for your service, but you also need to deduct expenses from your income to record your revenue accurately. If you're unaware of how to do this, a business accountant can get this done so long as you provide them with the appropriate sales invoices and bill statements. Doing this helps business owners take advantage of tax benefits and ensures accurate information is being submitted to the IRS.

Money Savings

One of the most effective ways to monitor where your money is being spent is through a financial journal. When you hire a tax accountant, all your finances will be accurately depicted, giving you a better picture of overspending and where you can save money.

Time Savings

Running a business takes a lot of time, arguably, much more than working a traditional job as a salaried employee. Consequently, there is very little time to complete additional tasks, including organizing and preparing your business taxes. Hiring a business accounting is an investment that will save you time so it can be allocated to areas that help increase your sales and grow your business.

Let our Expert Tax Preparer File Tax on Your Behalf

What are the benefits of working with an expert tax preparer to file taxes on your behalf? We're glad you asked.

Here are just some of the ways we make your mandatory tax filings easier:

  • We keep up with all changes to tax requirements
  • No penalties for missing deadlines
  • Income is filed appropriately and on time each year
  • No penalties for accidental mistakes in reporting
  • Dependents, investments, assets, and charitable donations are accounted for

While there are many more reasons to gain peace of mind by hiring an expert among local tax accounting firms, it would be nearly impossible to itemize them all here. Please connect with us directly for more information.

Contact Our Tax Firm for Assistance.

Have questions, concerns, or inquiries about your taxes? We’ll answer them all. Give Asha Tax & Accounting Services a call or drop by our office. No matter the situation, our CPAs will take the stress out of taxes—swiftly, and at a fair price.