Tax Planning

The importance of understanding one’s present financial situation cannot be overstated. By thoroughly reviewing the state of your finances with an experienced accountant, you can prepare yourself for future payments to creditors—and that’s just the beginning.

The accountants at Asha Tax & Accounting Services introduce clarity into situations that once seemed incredibly complex. We reduce our client’s tax liabilities, boost retirement plan contributions, and everything in between. What’s more, we offer these tax planning services for an incredible rate.

There is no one way to plan for your future. There are cost-effective ways, and there are costly ways. Let the astute accountants at our firm uncover the many benefits hiding in plain sight. Call us at (408) 306-7450 today to schedule your consultation.

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Guiding You Through Tax Season

There is only one certainty in the world of taxes. Every year, the rules change. The Income Tax Act is a voluminous and ever-changing set of rules and regulations. Keeping up with the latest developments requires the diligence of a professional. Rest assured, you’ll find no tax strategists more professional than us. We are not just committed to our trade—we are committed to our clients.

From the moment you walk through our door to the moment we finalize your annual taxes, you and your financial situation will have our full attention. We will thoroughly review your case and the latest provisions of the Income Tax Act to determine which cost-saving avenues you are able to take.

Amazing Tax Planning Strategies

As certified accountants and reputable tax strategists, we prefer to take a three-pronged approach to tax planning. Our approach entails:

1. Reducing Your Taxable Income

There are many ways to make sure the IRS taxes you less. By increasing your contributions to 401(k) or an IRA retirement plan, you can continue to plan for the future without the added stress of more taxes.

2. Increasing Your Deductions

Many people fail to take advantage of the taxable deductions available to them. Depending on your annual expenses related to personal property and mortgages as well as your annual charitable contributions, you could find yourself eligible for many deductions. There are many other expenses that might render you eligible. Before we can determine your eligibility, you have to contact us.

3. Utilizing Tax Credits

We encourage our clients to think of tax credits as financial incentives. They don’t reduce your annual taxable income, but they can reduce the final owed amount. If you are enrolled in college or university courses, for example, you might be eligible for a variety of tax credits.

Effective tax planning under Santa Clara’s regulatory guidelines

Effective tax planning is necessary throughout the year and is a fundamental component in overall financial security. In addition to preparing your personal income tax return, Asha Tax & Accounting Services provides strategic solutions that reduce tax burdens and develop tax management plans using the most current incentives available to Santa Clara residents.

Building wealth requires a detailed analysis of your financial records to determine the tax implications of your investments and holdings. By structuring the most appropriate combination of assets within your portfolio, debt is reduced and income tax returns are optimized.

What are the tax planning strategies that Asha Tax & Accounting Services implements?

Asha Tax & Accounting Services tax planning services include several methods of financial structuring that minimize liability. Tax loss selling, Income splitting, pension plan contributions, and determining tax exempt investment income, are some of the strategies offered by Asha Tax & Accounting Services tax specialists that can reduce taxes owed.

The birth of a child, a marriage or divorce and other life changing events affect tax planning strategies. Qualified Asha Tax & Accounting Services professionals financially manage all of these to your advantage. Santa Clara clients are guided in their tax related decisions with regard to real estate transactions, cashing out stock options and additional transactions that become significant at tax time.

Maximize Your Annual Financial Gains

There is no reason not to capitalize on the countless strategies waiting at your feet. Let our diligent tax planning specialists steer you towards ongoing and secure financial prosperity. With our in-depth knowledge of the current tax codes, the Income Tax Provision Act, retirement plans, and more, you’ll get nothing short of the best service available.

Plan for your future and reduce your personal income taxes this year. For an in-depth review of the many benefits to be gained through strategic tax management contact our office at (408) 306-7450.